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Wines per line

Our wines can be divided into 3 lines and Piquette. Every line is characterised by their own unique philosophy and artistic style. Our Fathers line are classical wines with a terroir-driven style. An oak riped Chardonnay or a full bodied Syrah are great examples, but always with an unexpected twist. Our Sons line is a close party. These wines are formed through experimentation: orange wine, amphorae, spontaneous fermentation and unexpected blends. Lastly, our Grandsons. These are European wines, better known as Vin de l'Europe. These wines are formed in close collaboration with the visitors of our tasting room.


Discover our fathers line

The 'fathers'

Our Fathers wines are made from the best grapes the European continent has to offer. These wines are terroir-infused and a celebration of our farmers and that little piece of land that gifted us this harvest. They are brought up with attention and care but mostly: lots of patience.

The 'sons'

The world of wine is one of tradition, full of rules, dogmas and century old etiquette. In our sons-line, we choose to break with this. Our sons-wines are allowed to surprise and are often manufactured with unconventional techniques e.q. with the use of spontaneous fermentation and amphorae.

Innovation & Experimentation

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The 'grandsons'

Our grandsons are easy and light-hearted European blends. Wines that we created together with our partners in Europe. They are designed in close collaboration with our customer - defining the taste of Amsterdam.

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