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About us

Urban wineries are becoming increasingly popular, especially in America and Australia. In Europe there are a few and we’re the first the Netherlands. How do you make wine in the city when there are no grapevines or roads in sight?

First of all: why?

By moving the grapes, instead of the wine, we bring the production process closer to the people and the people closer together. We want to share our enthusiasm for wine with free spirits from in and around Amsterdam. In addition, making wine on neutral soil also gives us the unique opportunity to bring all grape varieties, countries and styles together under one roof. This allows us to innovate and experiment with new flavors and experiences.

So, where do the grapes come from?

We only work with organic fruit from carefully selected partners throughout Europe. Farmers, families and entrepreneurs who care for their land, the plants, the harvest and their people. Over the years, our farmers have become part of the Chateau family. Together we determine a number of things: how are we going to prune, how are we going to take care of the land and when are we going to harvest. The timing of the harvest determines the amount of sugars, acids and flavors and aromas that the grape gives to the wine.

A sustainable choice

As a modern company, with a warm heart for our planet, all our choices are weighed with sustainability as the main pillar. Transparency is key to this. We are what we do, the outcomes can always be better, but we set the bar high. We keep questioning everything, and opt for improvement where possible – so here’s an invitation to you: keep us sharp and feel free to point us to progress.

Circular production

We close our production according to the zero-waste principle. From leftovers, such as the peels and seeds, a beer is brewed in collaboration with Oedipus and a grappa is made with The Stillery. And of course we also make our own Piquette. And what’s left goes to the local pig farmer at ‘Buitengewone Varkens’ in Amsterdam-Noord.

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