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The perfect tasting from your couch

Let us take you by the digital hand through the wondrous world of wine making. Our wine makers and sommeliers have created the ideal online tasting experience. Buy one of the two digital tastings and receive exclusive access to the videos. We'll take you from grape to bottle and teach you to become a tasting master: all at your own pace. 

How it works

With this video wine tasting we'll take the famous Chateau Amsterdam Tour & Tasting experience to your living room. We'll take you through our winery, past the press, oak barrels and fermenting wines. We explain how your wines were made, what flavours you can discover ánd we'll teach you how to become a tasting expert yourself.

We offer two types of tastings. The 'Discovery' tasting is perfect for starting wine tasters. We'll give an introduction to the wine production process and provide you with great wines to taste as a beginner. The 'Experimental' tasting is perfect for the more experienes wine tasters. Give your senses a challenge by tasting some of our more experimental wines and get a deep dive into everything there is to know about these three beauties.

Discovery tasting

Our somms or winemakers will take you through the Chateau wine cellar and share the stories behind the wine. They will tell you about the grapes that are used, how the wine is made, and above all, how to discover all the scents and tastes in the glass you have in front of you.

In this tasting box you'll taste three different wines. Carefully selected to guarantee a great tasting:

1. Seranade by Dawn

Oh such peachy creaminess. Pure and innocent like a baby’s cheeks. Serenade By Dawn is made of macabeo grapes, grown by our Spanish partnerfarmer Vicente Plantvid 🇪🇸.

2. Tango by Night

Juicy stuff! Exciting twosome of flirty black currant and sensual red berry. Spätburgunder and Montepulciano from Hannes Bergdoll, Pfalz 🇩🇪 and Cantina Orsogna, Abruzzo 🇮🇹.

3. Dr. Mankini (Garnacha, Spain)

Super juicy red wine. Roses and red fruit galore, and a squeeze of orange. The Garnacha grapes in Dr. Mankini come from our partner farmer Roger Grifoll Declara in Priorat, Spain 🇪🇸. 

Experimental tasting

Watch, smell, feel and taste. What is there to discover? These wines are especially selected for the more advanced tasters in our midst. Besides explaining thoroughly how the wines are made and learning about the Chateau Amsterdam philosophy - we'll do a deep dive into the primary and secondary tastes and aromas in your glass.

The wines in the tasting box are as follows:

1. Moonlight Monkey

The brightest white blossoms. Green apples, lemon and lime. Sunshine in a bottle. Riesling and Moscatel from Hannes Bergdoll, Pfalz (🇩🇪), Timo Dienhart, Mosel (🇩🇪) and Plantvid, Valencia (🇪🇸).

2. Wild Horse

This red wine contains some wild fruits! Vibrant strawberries and raspberries, totally up for a good meal. This tempranillo comes from our partner Vicente Plantvid in Valencia (🇪🇸). 

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Food loving Pinot Noir from Pfalz( 🇩🇪). Luscious at times, but serious at the right moments.

What's in the box?

After ordering one of the two tastings the package will arrive on your doorstep 1-3 days later. In this box you'll find everything need for the video tasting experience. In the box you'll find the following:

1. Three bottles of wine (please see above)

2. An extensive tasting form to guide you in the right direction

3. Aroma wheel to help you with discovering aroma's

4. Flyer with information about the wines

5. QR codes that link to the correct tasting videos

Rather do a physical tour & tasting?

Come join us for a unique tasting experience. You'll taste 7 different of our best wines and receive an extensive tour and tasting of our Winery.

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