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Sauvignon blanc (FR) + Garganega (IT) '22

50% sauvignon + 50% garganega, France and Italy, Loire (FR) + Veneto (IT)
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Get your summer groove on with this tropical party that you'd prefer not to leave. It's okay - you can finish the bottle, we won't tell anyone.


50% sauvignon blanc from Château La Varière (Loire, FR) + 50% garganega from Fasoli Gino, (Veneto, IT).


The garganega grapes bring a distinct Mediterranean influence, offering a generous body and a rich, golden hue. Exciting aromas of ripe citrus fruits, juicy peaches, and delicate floral notes, creating a refreshing and inviting bouquet.

Loire, France
Nestled in the heart of France you will find the Loire wine region. Named after and known for France's longest river and consisting of four different regions. This French region is renowned for its sweet chenin blanc wines. Despite their exceptional quality, they remain somewhat undervalued.

Veneto, Italy
The Veneto wine region boasts an impressive lineup of reds, from the fruity Valpolicella to the bold and intense Amarone, not to mention the sweet Recioto. It also offers crisp and refreshing whites like the ever-popular Soave and sparkling Prosecco.

The sauvignon grape is the first one that arrived in our chateau and that went through our new "monster" press. While our sauvignon arrived early, our garganega grape arrived late. Except for a low level of added sulfites (which we use to prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms), our organic wine yeast, and an organic component to prevent bacteria on the muscatel, this wine doesn’t contain any other additives – just grape juice. We used a cellulose filter to clear the wine.

This summer wine is lovely on its own, however it pairs good with white fish, seafood, salads and grilled veggies.

eye: golden hue
nose: ripe citrus, juicy peaches, floral notes
mouth: tropical fruits, ripe pears, hint of honey, vibrant citrus notes, herbaceous undertone
finish: luscious mouthfeel, rich
identity: rich and harmonious
pairs well with: sun in your face, white fish, seafood, grilled veggies

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