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Ventura '20
Ventura '20
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Ventura '20

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Suave orange blossoms with a pinch of cilantro. Golden glowy delicious. This ventura is an - wait for it - orange chardonnay made by our partner Hannes Bergdoll in Pfalz, Germany. 

Batch of 1600 bottles.

Alc. 12.5%


Pfalz checks all the boxes! It’s not just Germany’s second biggest wine region but also part of Germany’s wine route (the Weinstrasse). Famous for its Riesling grapes but experimental as we are - we went for Spätburgunder grapes from this region. 


Chardonnay from Hannes Bergdoll, Pfalz, Germany.

What’s so experimental about it? 

It's an orange wine! Should we explain anything more? Okay, maybe we should. Generally speaking, white wines are made as follows: the grapes are pressed and the juices are put into the tanks for fermentation. The remains of the grapes (their skins and the stems) are not used anymore. With red wines it’s a bit different: after pressing the grapes and pumping the juice into the tank, the skins and stems are added for color, flavour and aroma. Basically an orange wine is making white wines the way you make red wines. So we put the grape skins and stems back with the juice. The orange color comes from the skins. The stems provide some tannines.

The story behind the bottle

Who exactly the Quentin Tarantino-fan is around here, is still unclear. However, we do know by now all orange wines are named after fictitious Quentin Tarantino characters. Ventura, Sahara, they could have been starring as main characters in one of his iconic movies. Maybe they will some day. And besides: Ventura in particular means good luck, which you need most of the time when making orange wine. 

Dinner ideas

Veggie courses, barbecue, fish. 

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