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The Fat Lady Sings 2020

The Fat Lady Sings 2020

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Rich Chardonnay with notes of butter, vanilla, and peach. This white wine is full-bodied and creamy and has a smooth finish. This lady sings a beautiful song. Unlike most chardonnays, but very like Chateau, our chardonnay is a bit different and comes from Pfalz in Germany.

Aged 10 months in French oak barrel

Batch of 1103 bottles

Alc. 12,5%


Pfalz is not just Germany’s second biggest wine region but also part of Germany’s wine route (with the lovely name ‘Weinstrasse’). It’s actually famous for its Riesling grapes but we wouldn’t be Chateau if we didn’t go for the unexpected from this region, which is in this case Chardonnay. We’ve been working with Martin Bangerth, our farmer in Pfalz since the beginning of our wine-production-journey! 


Chardonnay is the world's most consumed grape. Arguably, the best Chardonnays in the world come from Burgundy, France. We decided to make a Burgundy style oak-aged Chardonnay with grapes from Germany. The cooler climate of the german region translates to a higher acidity with a mineral character and citrus flavours. 

The story behind the bottle

They say it’s not over yet until the Fat Lady Sings. But when she does, like this fat chardonnay, the match is decided: this fat chardonnay is definitely the winner. 

Dinner Ideas 

Fat, buttery fish. 

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