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Orange is the new white '21

Macabeo, Spain, Priorat
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Oranje wijn bomvol zonneschijn en crispy naranja zest. Gekoeld het lekkerst.

Oplage van 2779 flessen. Alc. 12%

Klaar om oranje te gaan? Begin dan met dit exemplaar. Het zal je stap voor stap de oranje wereld in begeleiden. Een wereld gevuld met sinaasappelschillen, mandarijnbomen én verrassende aroma's van tijm en mint. Orange is the new white is niet al te gek, maar heeft wél die speciale tweak die je niet in een reguliere witte wijn zult vinden.

100% Macabeo grapes from our partner famer Roger Grifoll Declara in Priorat, Spain.

Priorat is the mecca of the wineworld. Thanks to its volcanic history, Priorat is built on rough and rocky ground, which offers many nutritions for growing grape vines, but is - well - a pain in the butt when it comes to harvesting grapes. That’s why Prioratians grow terrace shaped vineyards, you know, like tea in Indonesia. Our favorite Prioratian Roger Grifoll Declara had experience in wineries all over the world and as if that didn’t make him the perfect partner already: he’s a dog person as well.

If you're a white wine lover, we dare you to try out this orange one. Cause if we have a say on it, orange wine is definitely the new white.

Our Sons wines allow us to experiment and innovate to create new flavors for wine lovers to explore. This wine is special because we created an accessible orange wine for wine drinkers to take a step out of their comfort zone. What exactly is orange wine? Well, the short answer is that it’s made like a red wine, but using white grapes. When you make red wine, you leave the juice from the red grapes to ferment together with its skin and pips. This will give color and add tannic qualities to the wine. In contrast, there is usually no skin contact while making white wine. That’s where orange wine comes in. Made from white grapes, but fermented together with the skin and pips. Skin contact is what gives orange wine its darker color; the longer the contact, the deeper the orange hue.

Our go-to-bottle for picnics in the park and days out boating on the canals.

Eye: deep yellow, cloudy
Nose: hint of funky pickles, drupes, tangerine, thyme, menthol
Mouth: tangerine, soft structure
Finish: notice the tannins
Identity: orange for starters
Pairing: multi-player - orange wines are the perfect companion for all sorts of dishes

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