Dr. Mankini '20
Dr. Mankini '20
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Dr. Mankini '20

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Super juicy red. Roses and red fruit galore, and a squeeze of orange. The Garnacha grapes in Dr. Mankini come from our partner farmer Roger Grifoll Declara in Priorat, Spain. 

Batch of 1440 bottles.

Alc. 13.5%


Priorat is the mecca of the wineworld.Thanks to its volcanic history, Priorat is build on rough and rocky ground, which offers many nutritions for growing grape vines, but is - well - a pain in the butt when it comes to harvesting grapes. That’s why Prioratians grow terrace shaped vineyards, you know, like tea in Indonesia. Our favourite Prioratian is Roger Grifoll Declara, our partner farmer who grows the Garnacha in our Dr. Mankini. He’s had experience in wineries all over the world and as if that didn’t make him the perfect partner already: he’s a dog person as well.


Garnacha - not to be confused with its French brother Grenache - is a heavy red grape, which found its origins in Spain but is being grown nowadays pretty much everywhere.

What’s so experimental about it?

Unlike any other Garnacha made in this world, this Garnacha started its journey in Europese oldest ground and made its way into Europe’s newest winery. 

The story behind the bottle 

Is it a bikini? Is it a swimsuit? Dr. Mankini is a free spirit and he doesn’t give a grape about labels. Dr. Mankini’s name was inspired by our own Dr. Mankini, who arrived in speedo in a meeting one day.

Dinner ideas 

Dr. Mankini is not afraid to show some meat. A entrecote or a medium grilled steak, slightly seasoned.  

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