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Ventura '21

Chardonnay, Germany, Pfalz
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Luscious yellow fruit and wild flowers galore. Golden glowy delicious.

Batch of 663 bottles.

Alc. 11.5%


100% chardonnay grapes grown by Johannes Bergdoll in Pfalz, Germany. 


Packed with flavour, elegance and length. It treats you to a luscious perfume of wild flowers, ripe apples and pears, and has a remarkable balanced palate. It’s pure, it’s clean, it’s delicious. Chardonnay really shows off her relentless charm in this one.

100% chardonnay grapes from our partner farmer Hannes Bergdoll in the Pfalz, Germany. Fun fact: these are the same grapes that are used for our Fathers wine ‘The Fat Lady Sings’.

Our Sons wines allow us to experiment and innovate to create new flavours for wine lovers to explore. This wine is special because we created an accessible orange wine for wine drinkers to take a step out of their comfort zone. What exactly is orange wine? Well, the short answer is that it’s made like a red wine, but using white grapes. When you make red wine, you leave the juice from the red grapes to ferment together with its skin and pips. This will give colour and add tannic qualities to the wine. In contrast, there is usually no skin contact while making white wine. That’s where orange wine comes in. Made from white grapes, but fermented together with the skin and pips. Skin contact is what gives orange wine its darker colour; the longer the contact, the deeper the orange hue.

Pour a glass of this on a sunny terrace, and you'll immediately be transported to warmer latitudes. Goes well with full flavoured dishes and vegetarian food.

Eye: deep yellow hue, showing legs
Nose: intense perfume of wild flowers, ripe apples and pears
Mouth: ripe apple, citrus, solid body, good acidity
Finish: long, clean, saline
Identity: orange for starters

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