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The Fat Lady Sings '22

Chardonnay, Germany, Pfalz
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This Chardonnay shines with a light golden color and welcomes you with aromas of tropical fruit, white flowers, apricot, peach, butter, vanilla, toast, and hazelnut. With each sip, you'll experience refreshing notes of white fruit and juicy peach, making it a delightful and well-balanced wine to savor.

This wine is made from 100% Chardonnay, one of the most beloved white grape varieties in the world. It thrives in various climates, yielding wines with diverse flavors, ranging from fresh and fruity to full and creamy. While this grape is grown worldwide, it gained fame primarily from the Burgundy region. Burgundy produces exceptional white wines with subtle complexity and minerality. The Chardonnay grape here imparts wines with unique terroir expression and refinement. The region is known for its famous Grand Cru wines with high price tags. However, we sourced our Chardonnay grapes from the sustainable winery Weingut Bergdoll in the German Pfalz region and crafted an outstanding, yet affordable wine.

3.9 / 138 reviews

The Pfalz, located in southwestern Germany, is a prominent wine region with a mild climate and fertile soils. This region is particularly known for its excellent white wines, with Riesling as the most prominent grape variety. The sunny environment and varied topography, ranging from mountainous to flat, provide optimal conditions for grape cultivation. In the Pfalz, you'll find picturesque vineyards and charming villages. The winemakers here blend traditional methods with modern techniques.

It was fermented and aged for 8 months in Eastern European oak barrels. The result is a rich, crispy chardonnay with a smooth finish. If stored correctly, this wine can age beautifully for up to 2 years in the bottle but is also great to enjoy now.

They say it’s not over yet until the Fat Lady Sings. But when she does, like this fat chardonnay, the match is decided: this fat chardonnay is definitely the winner.

Mushroom risotto, grilled chicken with lemon and herbs, grilled seafood, smoked salmon, dishes with creamy sauces, dishes with roasted vegetables, and soft cheeses such as brie, camembert, and munster.

Serve this wine at a temperature of approximately 10-12 degrees Celsius. This cooler serving temperature helps bring out the wine's freshness and aromas to their full potential, without them being overly subdued by excessive cold or warming up in the glass. Make sure not to serve the wine too cold, as excessively low temperatures can hinder the wine's flavors and aromas.

Hannes Bergdoll - Landau, Pfalz, Germany







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