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The Fat Lady Sings '21

Chardonnay, Germany, Pfalz
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Rich chardonnay that reminds of a full-bodied and creamy Burgundy-style white with notes of butter, vanilla, and peach, but with German acidity.

This wine was aged for 8 months in new barrels made from three types of oak (the oak is grown in Austria, Germany, and Romania).

Batch of 1.267 bottles

Alc. 12%


The Fat Lady Sings is unlike most chardonnays - but very like Chateau Amsterdam - as it’s a Burgundy-style chardonnay that was made with grapes from Pfalz in Germany instead of grapes from Burgundy in France. The grapes in Pfalz grow in a cooler climate than in Burgundy, and thereby they have given this wine a higher acidity with a mineral character and citrus flavours.

Tasting notes

This wine is our take on a Burgundy style, oak-aged chardonnay, but with grapes from Germany. Thereby, our Fat Lady Sings has the profile of a creamy, white Burgundy, with German acidity. The result is a rich, crispy chardonnay with notes of butter, vanilla, and peach.


De Grote Hamersma graded this wine with a 8.5


Pfalz is not just Germany’s second biggest wine region but also part of Germany’s wine route (with the lovely name ‘Weinstrasse’). It’s actually famous for its riesling grapes but we wouldn’t be Chateau Amsterdam if we didn’t go for the unexpected twist, which in this case is chardonnay. We’ve been working with Hannes Bergdoll, our farmer in Pfalz since the beginning of our wine-production-journey!

It was fermented and aged for 8 months in new barrels made from three types of oak (grown in Austria, Germany, and Romania). This type of oak barrel goes very well together with the style of wine we imagined for this chardonnay. The result is a rich, crispy chardonnay with a smooth finish. If stored correctly, this wine can age beautifully for up to 2 years in the bottle, but is also great to enjoy now.

They say it’s not over yet until the Fat Lady Sings. But when she does, like this fat chardonnay, the match is decided: this fat chardonnay is definitely the winner.

An evening to cherish asks for a wine to remember. The Fat Lady Sings adds the string quartet to any long-awaited anniversary dinner or another special moment. Goes perfectly with foods like cheese, poultry, fennel salad, pork chops, and beenham.

Eye: brightness, with yellow gold color and sparkles, tears
Nose: pears, toast, vanilla, honey
Mouth: dried apricot, grapefruit, brioche, butter
Finish: full body, creamy finish, crisp & fresh
Identity: fresh Burgundy style, with hints of California style

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