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Piquette d'Amsterdam '21

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Piquette literally finishes what we started, since it's made from the grape skins that are left after we make wine. This piquette (which is very different from our other one) is gastronomic and fresh with aromas of violet and jasmine flowers and wild red raspberries. Very well balanced with the creaminess of the bubbles. Light and short aftertaste. Drink it cold!

Alc. 5%


The grape pomace come from our partners all over Europe.

How it's made  

This piquette was made differently than our modern Piquette '20. We only used water (and of course lots of love and attention) to extract the flavours, alcohol and colour from the remaining pomace.

Pairs well with 

The drink to serve as an aperitif before a lovely dinner with lots of wine up ahead, or to share with friends as a celebration for special moments.

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