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MAN, MAN… '21

Dornfelder, Germany, Pfalz
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Opening at your own risk: this rosé is dangerously delicious. Very elegant and profound rosé, disguised as pink lemonade. Don’t let the nose fool you, the dornfelder delivers in multiple layers of taste and complexity. Rich, fruity red apple, ripe citrus, blossoms, and a longggg finish. 

100% dornfelder (Pfalz, Germany)
Alc. 11,5%
  • Profile: sunny & summery
  • Pairs good with: light dishes, sushi, Asian food

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100% dornfelder (DE)

Rosé wine the Chateau Amsterdam way

Light dishes, Sushi, Asian food

Eye: raspberry pink, legs
Nose: raspberry, red fruit, candy
Mouth: surprisingly layered: citrus, juicy red apple, sweet wild flowers
Finish: long due to great acidity, invites another sip
Identity: hard to resist

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