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Macabeo (ES) + Chardonnay (DE) '22

85% macabeo + 15% chardonnay, Spain and Germany, Priorat (ES) + Pfalz (DE)
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Talking about perfect strangers. The thoroughly balanced acidity is what creates a perfect ratio of ripe yellow fruit and floral notes with a hint of vanilla. With its long finish and subtle minerality, this creamy white is like a feel good movie that you know you'll be recommending after only seeing the intro.


85% macabeo from Roger Grifoll Declara, Priorat in Spain with 15% chardonnay from our partner Johannas Bangerth in Pfalz, Germany.


This blend is likely to have a bright yellow color with golden hues. The nose has aromas of ripe yellow fruits such as peach, apricot, melon, as well as floral notes and a subtle hint of vanilla. On the palate, the wine is round and full-bodied with a creamy texture, balanced acidity, and a long finish with a touch of minerality. 

Priorat, Spain
Priorat is somewhat of a mecca of the wine world. The volcanic history of the region left behind a rocky, wild terrain that's full of character. Those rough and tough soils are exactly what the grapevines need to flourish.

Pfalz, Germany
The densely forested Haardt Mountains in Pfalz act as a rain shadow, protecting the region from excessive rainfall and contributing to a relatively warm and dry climate. This climatic condition, in turn, produces wines with a distinct richness and ripeness of flavor, while retaining their exceptional acidity and a unique minerality marked by rocky terroir.

Our macabeo is a great grape and arrived in our winery on the 12th of September. We could have made it a monocepage, but that doesn't fit the profile of our Sons-line. A good addition? Our oaked chardonnay, which is also used for our beloved the Fat Lady sings wine. The juice had only 3-4 months of oak, compared to our newly to be released The Fat Lady sings in September. The malolactic fermentation was fairly late due to our cold winery, so we could bottle this wine only in May. Except for a low level of added sulfites (which we use to prevent the growth of unwanted microorganisms), our organic wine yeast, and an organic component to prevent bacteria on the muscatel, this wine doesn’t contain any other additives – just grape juice. We used a cellulose filter to clear the wine.

An elegant wine asks for some dignified dishes. We’re talking good-looking proteins such as shrimp or scallops and ultimate classics like roasted chicken or pork loin. Enhance the flavour of your creamy pasta or asparagus risotto with a glass of this one and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

eye: golden yellow
nose: ripe yellow fruits such as peach, apricot and melon, floral with a hint of vanilla
mouth: creamy texture, balanced acidity, mineral finish: long finish with a touch of minerality
identity: full-bodied
pairs well with: seafood like scallops, roasted chicken, pork loin or creamy pasta dishes

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