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Gamay (FR) + Moscatel (ES) '22

85% gamay + 15% moscatel, France and Spain, Loire (FR) + Priorat (ES)
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Refreshing rosé with a delicate pink hue that makes you want to take a dive into the sea, the pool or straight into your newly poured glass. A refreshing one made from gamay and moscatel grapes, providing a fruity fest of strawberries, raspberries and a hint of citrus. What can we say; tasting is believing.


85% gamay blended with 15% moscatel. Our gamay grapes are from Chateau de la Variere in the French Loire, 'the garden of France' and our moscatel grapes come from Roger Grifoll Declara, Priorat, Spain.

Tasting Notes

Refreshing rosé wine with a delicate pink color. The gamay grape is known for its fruity and floral aromas, while the moscatel adds a touch of sweetness and floral notes to the blend.

Loire, France
Nestled in the heart of France you will find the Loire wine region. Named after and known for France's longest river and consisting of four different regions. This French region is renowned for its sweet chenin blanc wines. Despite their exceptional quality, they remain somewhat undervalued.

Priorat, Spain
Priorat is somewhat of a mecca of the wine world. The volcanic history of the region left behind a rocky, wild terrain that's full of character. Those rough and tough soils are exactly what the grapevines need to flourish.

This rosé was born by chance. When we received more kilos of gamay grapes on September 7th, the winery wasn't yet completed. The juice from the grapes was collected without any pressing, resulting in a beautiful free-run juice. As the stainless steel tanks quickly filled up, there was no room for the juice, leading to a short period of skin contact, which gave the rosé its lovely color. We blended the gamay and moscatel and fermented and aged them in stainless steel tanks. Except for a small amount of added sulfites to prevent unwanted microorganisms, our organic wine yeast, and an organic component to prevent bacteria on the muscatel, this wine is made only with grape juice. Afterward, we used a cellulose filter to clarify the wine.

A rosé that’s equally elegant as an aperitif as it is paired with delicate dishes such as salades, grilled veggies or loads of seafood. Bonus points: its refreshing and fruity notes will add even more depth to your spicy Asian-inspired favourites.

eye: light pink, pale salmon
nose: fruity & floral
mouth: strawberry, raspberry, and a hint of citrus
finish: crispy
identity: light bodied
pairs well with: as an aperitif, salads, grilled vegetables, seafood

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