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Piquette literally finishes what we started. After making wine, we mix the leftover grape skins with water and natural sugar and ferment it a second time. The result? A fresh and fruity light drink, with a bubble and low in alcohol.

How do we make Piquette?

1. Pomace

When our freshly harvested grapes arrive in Amsterdam from all over Europe we process them for our wine production.

We press the grapes and gather all of the beautiful juice they have to offer. The thing with pressing: there's always a bit of juice, colour and aroma left in the grapes.

2. Add natural ingredients

We put the pomace in a large container and add some natural sugar, yeast and water. Nothing more. Then we let nature do it's job. A second fermentation starts.

3. Give it time

We let the natural sugars ferment into alcohol and CO2. All the sugars are converted into alcohol. This means that the piquette is now completely dry. The remaining CO2 forms the bubble in the bottle.

4. Voilá

We then bottle the piquette and there we have it: a sparkly summery drink,that is low in alcohol and completely circular.

What do the media say about Piquette?

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