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Pretty Pet Nat '21

Trollinger & moscatel, Germany & Spain, Baden Württemberg & Valencia
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Pretty in pink. Looks adorable and has punch and oomph and all that jazz.

Batch of 1970 bottles.

Alc. 11.5%


60% trollinger grapes + 40% moscatel grapes grown by Martin Stilz in Württemberg, Germany, and PlantVid in Valencia, Spain.


Pet what? Pét Nat! Or ‘pétillant naturel’, the oldest method to bless wine with a natural sparkle. Her raspberry looks are accompanied by aromas of funky flowers of buckthorn, and even notes of tobacco. Natty wine for fatty food!

Trollinger grapes from our partner farmer Martin Stilz in Württemberg, Germany, and moscatel grapes from PlantVid in Valencia, Spain.

Our Sons wines allow us to experiment and innovate to create new flavours for wine lovers to explore. This wine is special because, well it’s a Pet Nat. Meaning that it fermented and aged in its bottle (a natural way of creating sparkling wine).

Your best friend for pretty much any kind of celebration; also just for the celebration of life—this Pretty Pet Nat will always put a smile on your face. A sparkling wine for celebrations and special moments. Goes perfectly with rich and fatty foods.

Eye: raspberry pink, cloudy, sparkling
Nose: natural aroma’s, buckthorn, yellow flowers
Mouth: nice fizz, raspberry, minerality, tobacco
Finish: mineral, slightly drying tannins
Identity: serious, gastronomical pet nat

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