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Pinot Grigio (IT) + Chenin Blanc (FR) '22

60% pinot grigio + 40% chenin blanc, Italy & France, Veneto (IT) + Loire (FR)
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A both unique and complex character to fall in love with over and over. This bold orange amphora wine spoils you with carefully picked flowers and rich honey and surprises with minerality and subtle nutty flavours. The cloudy orange hue and pleasant bitterness reminds us of a sunset in a most poetic scenery.


60% pinot grigio (IT) + 40% chenin blanc (FR).

Tasting Notes

This orange blend is a unique and complex combination of two very different grape varieties. The pinot grigio brings bright citrus notes, minerality, and a subtle nuttiness, while the chenin blanc adds rich, honeyed flavours and a slight floral aroma. The extended skin contact during fermentation gives the wine a tannic structure and a slightly cloudy, orange hue.

Veneto, Italy
The Veneto wine region boasts an impressive lineup of reds, from the fruity Valpolicella to the bold and intense Amarone, not to mention the sweet Recioto. It also offers crisp and refreshing whites like the ever-popular Soave and sparkling Prosecco.

Loire, France
Nestled in the heart of France you will find the Loire wine region. Named after and known for France's longest river and consisting of four different regions. This French region is renowned for its sweet chenin blanc wines. Despite their exceptional quality, they remain somewhat undervalued.

This wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks and then aged with skins in a clay amphora for 4 months, using an ancient winemaking technique. The amphora's natural porosity allows oxygen to seep into the wine, enhancing its texture. Our organic wine yeast and a low level of added sulfites are the only additives in this wine, besides pure grape juice. To clarify the wine, we used a cellulose filter.

Look no further for a wine that loves food as much as you do. This orange asks for rich dishes with sparkling flavours as complex as itself. Pair with roasted chicken or pork, bold curries and spicy Asian classics. And - something completely different - a must-try next to blue or aged cheeses.

eye: cloudy, orange hue
nose: orange blossom, peach, apricot, hint of hazelnut
mouth: citrus, stone fruit, honey
finish: long and dry
identity: orange amphora
pairs well with: variety of dishes with bold complex flavours

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